Stuck in the 90s 10 Songs We Got Tired Of

Heading 1

1. Sisqo: “Thong Song”: At its peak, this song simply went. But it’s one of those tracks that’s tied to the era.

2. Aqua: “Barbie Girl”: This song exists only for nostalgia, and if you hear it, it’s probably being played out of some sense of irony.

3. Los del Rio: “Macarena”: While your body will want to move when the pulsating synths blast your ear, your brain knows better.

4. Rednex: “Cotton Eye Joe”: If it hadn’t been for “Cotton Eye Joe,” I would have never known the country-techno genre was a thing.

5. Britney Spears: “…Baby One More Time”: The internet’s mob of outraged offense-takers are, for the most part, exhausting. 

6. Smash Mouth: “All-Star”: First, condolences to lead singer Steve Harwell’s family.

7. Tom Cochrane: “Life Is a Highway”: Cochrane (and the music video for this well-worn hit) makes it seem like life is all convertibles on breezy two-lane highways.

8. Lou Bega: “Mambo No.5”: Did you know that Lou Bega is German? Or that “Mambo No.5” is a cover of Cuban musician.

9. Semisonic: “Closing Time”: Semisonic’s “Closing Time” is a veritable jam, but it’s one of those songs that instantly makes you feel old. 

10. Blink-182: “All the Small Things”: Blink-182 has several songs that age like fine wine, with “I Miss You” and “Feeling This” being among them.

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