Sydney Sweeney

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Fashionable Actress - Series like 'Euphoria' or 'The White Lotus' and films like 'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood' or the recent hit 'Anyone But You' have elevated her status.

Actress and Producer - Already has a net worth of $20 million.what's more, for the film 'Inmaculate' (2024) she didn't just make money as the lead actress but also as a producer.

From MMA to Acting - Sydney Sweeney, who was born in 1997, it's interesting to know that her school interests included, among others, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA),.

Small Roles for Years - 2009 was the beginning of a career that continues to add illustrious names: 'Criminal Minds', 'Grey's Anatomy', 'Heroes', 'Pretty Little Liars',.

Struggles to Reach Hollywood Success - Is talking about one of the great stars of Hollywood. Both in film and on television, this smiling twenty-something has become a popular face.

Bankruptcy and Divorce - The actress recounts in Women's Health, when she was 16, her family went bankrupt situation was so bad that it led to the divorce of her parents.

A 3 Million-Dollar Mansion - Bought her own house in Westwood, an elite neighborhood in Los Angeles. It is a house from 1933 that reminds her of her family home.

Two Emmy Nominations - Sweeney has two Emmy nominations; one for Outstanding Supporting Actress for 'The White Lotus' and another for 'Euphoria'.

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