Tattoos Say About Us

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The Influence of Celebrities - David Beckham to Justin Bieber, the many celebrities openly wearing a tattoo have helped change public opinion in recent times.

Omnipresent in North America - The Pew Research Center calculated in 2023 that 32 percent of Americans have at least one tattoo. 

Especially Among new Generations - This number is only going to grow, because one in three people aged 18-35 in North America currently.

Tattoos Reveal about Us - And that's what this gallery is about. Tattoos reveal a lot about our changing tastes and mentalities.

Tattoos Says About Personality - However, in the 21st century, tattoos have become commonplace in society and they are accepted in many circles.

The Expression of An Identity - Originally carrying a religious or tribal dimension, tattoos have become the expression of individual singularity. 

Reclaim your person - A researcher who studies the meaning of contemporary tattooing, told 'Le Devoir' that this practice is "a drastic way of reclaiming.

A Family Bond - It is also common for young parents to have their children's first names tattooed. Some interpret this practice as a type.

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