The Future is Warning Humanity 2024

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Tornado F6 - One of these had a specific date: February 17, 2024, the day when Houston will suffer the 'first F6 tornado' in history.

Sandstorm - A month later, on March 20, 2024, the time traveler predicted the possibility of a one-mile-high sandstorm in the Mid-East of the United States. 

Warnings from 'The Others' - In March, Eno Alaric warned that during a meteor shower, one meteor will bring a message from 'The Others,' aliens seeking to invade and destroy Earth. 

9.8 on the Richter Scale - On April 2, 2023, there was supposed to be 'a 9.8 magnitude earthquake named Big John on the San Andreas Fault,' lasting for 45 minutes.

A 'Time Traveler' Warning to Humans -  Based on information from this guy 'from the year 2671,' between February & April of 2024, there were supposed to be three unprecedented natural catastrophes.

SpaceX travels - Elon Musk's company SpaceX was also going to find out how to travel at the speed of light in April, he predicted.

Yellowstone Set to Errupt - On July 24, he predicts that the Yellowstone Volcano will errupt, which will create a canyon across almost the entire United States.

The Largest hurricane in the history - on Sept. 15, the largest hurricane "in the history of the world" will occur in the East Coast of the USA. It will be called... a hypercane!

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