The Obama Daughters

Heading 1

Graduated in Sociology - In May 2023, her proud family was beaming as she graduated from USC, with a degree in sociology. What she will do with that remains me to seen!

Took a Gap Year to Travel - After graduating high school in 2016, she took a gap year before going to college. And, as could be expected, it was unique. 

Malia - Born on July 4, 1998, Malia was just 10 years old when she moved to the White House. That's where she went to the prom and graduated high school.

A Harvard Graduate - According to the prestigious college, she majored in Visual and Environmental Studies, which coincides with her interest in film.

What Are They Doing Now? - For eight years, the daughters of US President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama were growing up in the White House.

Debuted at Sundance - In 2024, ' debuted as a director at the Sundance Film Festival. Her short film 'The Heart'  about a grieving man who receives an unusual request in his mother's will. 

Sasha - Born June 10, 2001, the youngest of the Obama Clan is said to take more after her mom Michelle, her grandmother Marian Robinson told People in 2007. 

Graduating High School - Sasha graduated high school in 2019 and the beginning of her college career started with the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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