These Hollywood Stars Speak German

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Natalie Portman - Studying psychology at Harvard, Natalie Portman also studied various languages such as French, Arabic, Japanese, and German.

Sandra Bullock - The mother of Sandra Bullock was a German opera singer and they lived in Austria and Germany until she was 12.

Karl Urban - the son of a German man in New Zealand. His father spoke German to him and sent him to German lessons.

Michael Fassbender - The Irish actor was born in Heidelberg and has a German father. For his role as Lieutenant Archie Hicox in 'Inglourious Basterds,'.

Speaking German by Hollywood Stars - Many of stars they speaking many languages in movies in hollywood because many actor doing their work in industries.

Mark Strong - His real name is actually Marco Giuseppe Salossia. He grew up in England as the son of an Italian father and Austrian mother. 

Kirsten Dunst - His father from Germany mother is American of German-Swedish descent and she herself has been a German citizen since 2011. 

Leonardo DiCaprio - His most direct German connection is through his mother, but his father also has German ancestors.

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