Top 10 Amazing 10-Letter Animals

Wildebeest:These animals are always on the move and constantly watching for predators, like lions, cheetahs, and hyenas.

Timberwolf:The eastern wolf, also known as the Timberwolf, is a species native to Southeast Canada and the Great Lakes region.

Springbuck:Springbucks are known for their jumping and running abilities, reaching speeds up to 55 miles per hour. 

Shrewmouse:Shrews are small mammals that look mouse or mole-like, with long, pointed snouts.

Rhinoceros:The rhino is an odd-toed ungulate native to Africa and South Asia. In total, there are five rhinoceros species in the world, with most listed as threatened or critically endangered. 

Jaguarundi: Jaguarundies are native to South America, Central America, and parts of Mexico, where they inhabit many environments, from deserts and scrubs to forests and rainforests. 

Cottontail: Cottontails stay hidden during the day and typically only come out at night to eat. These creatures are all about defense. 

Coatimundi: Coatimundis are relatives of raccoons, featuring bushy tails and long, pointed muzzles.

Chinchilla:The chinchilla is a curious rodent that’s slightly bigger than a ground squirrel and loves to explore. 

Chimpanzee:The chimps are a species of great apes native to tropical Africa, where they inhabit savannahs and forests.

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