Top 10 Animals That Prowl Atop Hawkeye Point

White-Tailed Deer:White-tailed deer live in and around woods and forest edges, grazing on greenery from grass to tree buds. 

Red-Tailed Hawks:Red-tailed hawks are the most common bird of prey in the United States. They patrol skies above open ground near woods, keeping a keen eye out for rodents, snakes, and amphibians. 

Red Foxes: red and gray foxes live in the areas surrounding Hawkeye Point, Iowa. These two distinct species don’t mix, but both are wary of humans.

Rattlesnakes:Rattlers are venomous, and bites require medical attention, but they don’t hunt humans. Bites happen if the snake is disturbed or threatened. 

Monarch Butterfly:Monarch butterflies thrive on the milkweed and wildflowers growing on Hawkeye Point. Painted orange with black veining and white patches, this insect is migratory.

Little Brown Bat:These small 9-11 inch wingspan cuties are covered in fluffy brown fur, and one can cover a mile each evening swooping down on its numerous meals.

Gray Foxes:Gray foxes have thick gray coats with a white underbelly and a black-tipped tail.

Eastern Chipmunk:An Eastern chipmunk is only around 10 inches long and typically weighs three ounces, but it can run at a speedy 18 mph.

American Goldfinch:Iowa’s state bird is the American goldfinch. It’s a common bird in Iowa’s Osceola County’s open woods, marshy areas, and suburban gardens.

American Bumblebee:American bumblebee numbers have declined, but the scientifically named Bombus pensylvanicus is spotted in Iowa feeding on wildflowers. 

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