Top 10 Animals With Masks Around Their Eyes

Spectacled Owl:It is a big owl that’s 16 to 21 inches long and weighs between one and 2.76 pounds. As with many types of owls, the females are bigger and heavier.

Spectacled Monarch:This masked animal isn’t a butterfly but a bird, and it’s native to the tropical, subtropical forests of Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.

Slender Loris:This little primate is found in the forests of Sri Lanka and India. Its huge, round, front-facing eyes stare out of its mask.

Raccoon:The raccoon is the standard for animals with masks, and a mask is fitting for an animal that has a reputation as a little bandit.

Raccoon Dog:Found in East Asia and the northern part of Vietnam and now introduced into Europe, the raccoon dog is a little bigger than a raccoon at 18 to 28 inches long.

Powder Blue Surgeonfish:Native to the Indian Ocean, this nine-inch-long fish is a popular aquarium pet. Besides its black mask, much of the body is blue, and the dorsal fin is yellow. 

Masked Flowerpiercer:The bright red eyes of the male peek out from its black mask, and the rest of the body is electric blue. The female is duller.

Maned Sloth:The maned sloth is endemic to Brazil, where it lives in the trees of the coastal rainforests. The sloth has gray or pale brown fur and a double coat.

Eurasian Penduline Tit:This tiny bird gets its name because it builds hanging nests over bodies of water. Only 2.96 to 4.33 inches long, it has a tiny, sharp bill, short round wings, and a notched tail as well as a black mask.

Black-footed Ferret:The rest of the body is buff. It has the trademark tubular build seen in other types of mustelids, and males range from 19.7 to 21 inches long while females are smaller. 

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