Top 10 Animals with the Absolute Best Endurance on the Planet

 Wolf:Wolves can spend around 10 hours a day trotting through the wilderness looking for prey. It uses its powerful legs and back muscles to keep it moving even through harsh terrain.

Wildebeest: Newborn wildebeest calves can stand and walk a little less than seven minutes after being born, allowing them to completely keep up with their mothers within a couple of days. 

Sled Dog:These highly trained dogs, like huskies, laikas, and malamutes, are excellent at enduring tough conditions and can quickly move energy into their muscles much faster than humans can. 

Pronghorn Antelope:The pronghorn antelope is one of the fastest land animals on Earth. Not only can it sprint over 60 miles per hour, but it can also run at sustained speeds of 30 to 40 miles per hour over long distances. 

 Ostrich:These giant birds can run more than 40 miles per hour, covering great distances in a short period. This allows them to easily find fresh grazing pastures or escape predators.

Godwit:The godwit bird is another extremely long migrator that features a specialized body to help it make the incredibly long journey.

Globe Skimmer:The globe skimmer is a species of dragonfly that makes an exceptionally unique and long journey. These insects migrate over 4,300 miles, more than the distance between Malaysia and New South Wales.

Camel:Camels can travel 100 miles in the desert without water because of their highly specialized humps. A camel’s hump stored up to 80 pounds of fat, which it can break down into energy and water when needed.

Arctic Tern:The Arctic tern is a fascinating creature that spends most of its life in the air, eternally chasing sunlight. In fact, this bird witnesses more sun than any other animal on Earth.

Arabian Horse:Arabian horses have a light build and unique muscle fibers, which gives them an advantage over most other breeds.

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