Top 10 Animals With The Shortest Gestation Periods

Wombat:Wombats are short-legged marsupials native to Australia. They have a gestation period of roughly 20 to 30 days.

Water Opossum:The water opossum, locally called yapok or yapock, is a species native to the Neotropics. Like the Virginia opossum, they have very short gestation periods of about 12 to 14 days.

The Virginia Opossum:The Virginia opossum, identified as North America’s only marsupial, has a very short gestation period, lasting for only about 12 to 13 days.

The Eastern Quoll :The eastern quoll, formerly known as the eastern native cat, is a marsupial cat found only in Australia. They have a gestation period of 20 to 24 days.

Rats:Gestation in rats typically lasts about 21 to 23 days. Like mice, rats are also prolific breeders. A single female rat can produce up to 12 litters of 2 to 22 young per year.

Muskrat:Muskrats are semiaquatic rodents native to North America. The gestation period for Muskrats is 25 to 30 days. These organisms are blind for the first two weeks of their lives.

Mice:these species also have incredible breeding capabilities. A single female mouse can have up to 5-10 litters yearly. These litters may typically consist of 6 to 8 babies at a time.

Hamsters :Hamsters are another animal species fortunate to have shorter pregnancies. The average length of a pregnancy for a hamster is usually around 16 to 21 days, depending on the species.

Gerbil:The gerbil is a desert-dwelling rodent with a gestation period of 21 to 25 days. These creatures breed year-round and are known for their ability to conceal their pregnancies. 

Domestic Rabbits:Domestic rabbits, commonly referred to as pet rabbits or bunny rabbits, are known to be endearing pets. Gestation in rabbits typically lasts 28-31 days.

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