Top 10 Annoying Insects in Alabama 

Ticks:Tick bites affect people differently — some don’t even know they’ve been bitten by a tick unless they see it still attached to their skin. 

Spiders:Spiders abound in Alabama; many of which look to bite humans if they encroach on their home or territory. 

Mosquitoes:Alabama’s climate and landscape make it the perfect home for mosquitoes. Not just one species, either. Across the state of Alabama, you can find 60 different species of insects ready to bite you. 

Kissing Bugs:kissing bugs can easily find their way inside Alabama homes by hitching a ride on a pet, a backpack left next to a tree for a little, or on their own. 

Fleas:While fleas can last up to 100 days without a host, they prefer to eat every 12 hours and can consume nearly 15 times their weight in blood. 

Fire Ants:These ants, imported by accident to the U.S. in the early 1900s through a port in Mobile, have spread to 12 southern states.

Cockroaches:Cockroaches are nocturnal, so if you sleep nearby open food, clean it up and erase traces of it to prevent a cockroach infestation. 

Chiggers:The chiggers that bite humans are actually just-hatched larvae that attach themselves to your clothes to feed on your skin tissue, which they need to grow into an adult mite.

Biting Midges:Often called “no-see-ums” by locals, pinyon gnats and biting midges are tiny pests with one of the most annoying bites. 

Beetles:Blister beetles and longhorn beetles are two beetle species prevalent in Alabama that bite humans. 

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