Top 10 Beautiful Wildflowers You Will Find in Texas

Texas Thistle:The Texas thistle blooms flowers ranging from light pink to stunning purple. Butterflies are attracted to the blooms. Goldfinches also find the small, pom-pom-shaped blossoms irresistible.

Texas Red Spider Lily:The beautiful red flowers provide nourishment to butterflies and bees. You will also see the occasional hummingbird feasting on the sweet nectar. 

Texas Prickly Pear Cactus:The prickly pear cactus is more than a beautiful wildflower you will find in Texas. They provide food and shelter for many species, and they provide edible fruit that humans enjoy.

Texas Indian Blanket:The Indian blanket is a Texas wildflower that thrives in the harsher Texas climates. The plants can grow in any portion of the state, even near the coast, because they are salt-resistant.

Texas Fleabane:The myth is that dried fleabane flowers get fleas out of your home. While the flowers are not useful in deterring fleas, they are useful food sources for bees and butterflies.

Red Lantana or Texas Lantana:The Red Lantana is called the Dallas Red Lantana and the Texas Lantana. The clusters of blooms range from a crisp yellow to a vibrant red. 

 Indian Paintbrush:Indian Paintbrush is the most popular name for these wildflowers you will find in Texas. The plants are also called the Texas Paintbrush, Grandmothers-hair, and several other names. 

Brown-Eyed Susan:The brown-eyed Susan is found in every portion of Texas. They are also called the black-eyed Susan. The plants can thrive in all types of soils and climates.

Blue-Eyed Grass:Blue-eyed grass is a hardy Texas wildflower that blooms from late spring through early summer. This flower is drought-tolerant and deer-resistant, making it suitable for the state. 

Bluebonnets:Gorgeous bluebonnets are wildflowers you will find in Texas blooming from January through April in all of the regions of the state. 

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