Top 10 Best Beaches in Connecticut

West Beach:Located in Stamford, West Beach is a multi-use park featuring a beachfront and sports fields. 

Seabluff Beach:Seabluff Beach is another popular spot in West Haven and actually one of the largest.

Ocean Beach Park:As one of New England’s best beaches, Ocean Beach Park is more than just a stretch of sand.

Oak Street Beach:Oak Street Beach is in West Haven and features a scenic spot for casual strolls and relaxing beach days.

Jennings Beach:The largest beach in the city, Jennings Beach spans 27 acres in Fairfield, Connecticut. It features miles of white sand, lifeguards, and a snack bar. 

Hole in the Wall Beach:Hole in the Wall is a very small beach in East Lyme. It is a favorite spot among the locals, but it is still quiet and peaceful.

Hammonasset Beach State Park:Located in Madison along the Long Island Sound, Hammonasset Beach covers two miles of shoreline and is the largest beach park in the state.

Eastern Point Beach:Eastern Point Beach is small and family-oriented, featuring lifeguards, picnic tables, concessions, and a playground. It’s an excellent spot for swimming, picnicking, fishing, and birdwatching.

East Haven Town Beach:East Haven Town Beach is a small residential beach open to the public. However, the parking lot is only for residents.

Calf Pasture Beach:Early settlers once used this historically significant beach and park area as grazing land for cows. 

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