Top 10 Best Cats

Singapura:The Singapura is the smallest cat breed, making it great for apartment living. Its ticked coat and large eyes and ears combine with an intelligent, affectionate, and playful personality.

Ragdoll:The Ragdoll, like the Maine Coon, is a large breed. This social and affectionate cat is one of the best for cuddling and families, but it’s also quiet, with a barely audible meow. 

Persian:These cats do need regular grooming so make sure that is something you are up for before choosing one of these fluff balls.

Oriental Shorthair:If you’re looking for a cat that will stick to you like glue, the Oriental Shorthair is one of the top breeds for giving you the companionship you want.

Maine Coon:“America’s cat” has everything going for it: It’s one of the cutest, one of the best cats for cuddling, and families.

LaPerm:Another small breed that is great for apartment living, the LaPerm has a non-shedding, curly coat. Personality-wise it is mischievous, silly, loyal, and loving. 

Devon Rex:The maximum weight a Devon Rex naturally reaches is nine pounds, making it a good choice for apartment living.

Birman:The Birman is a good choice for apartment living as it cares more about the people it’s living with than a small space. 

Bengal:the Bengal has a personality that is just as appealing as its exotic looks. It is dog-like with kittenish energy, so it’s great for families or for people who have dogs.

American Shorthair: They are the most common cats rescued as strays, and the cost to buy them at a shelter is the adoption fee. 

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