Top 10 Best Caves in All of Utah

Wind Caves:The hike is just under 2 miles, but there are some challenging areas along the way in addition to gaining 1,000 feet in elevation. 

Timpanogos Cave National Monument:One of the best caves in all of Utah is Timpanogos Cave National Monument, located in American Fork Canyon. 

Mossy Cave: Mossy Cave is located at the end of the short (about 0.8 miles round trip) and easy Mossy Cave Trail.

 Mammoth Cave:Mammoth Cave is open all year round, but from October through April sections of the cave are closed to protect hibernating bats.

Little Brush Creek Cave:Little Brush Creek Cave is also a breathtaking adventure with dazzling ice crystal formations and massive ice structures that span over 10 feet.

Kanab Sand Caves and Moqui Cave:The Kanab Sand Caves are hands-down the best sandstone caves in Utah, located just a few miles north of Kanab in southern Utah. 

Hobbit Caves:As if carved from a fairytale, the Hobbit Caves in Utah’s Logan Canyon are a collection of adorable, small cutouts nestled in a rock outcropping next to a charming little stream. 

Duck Creek Ice Cave:Tucked away in the heart of Kane County, Duck Creek Ice Cave is a small, one-room limestone cave near Duck Creek Village.

Bloomington Cave:If muddy adventures and spelunking are your thing, then you should check out Bloomington Cave, just 15 miles from St. George in Southern Utah.

Big Brush Creek Cave: Big Brush Creek Cave has nearly 5 miles of passageways that run 858 feet deep, making it the second-longest cave in Utah.

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