Top 10 Best Plants for a Hydroponic System

Tomato:Tomatoes are technically fruits. They are edible berries produced from vibrant yellow flowers. Tomatoes originate from Mexico.

Strawberry:Strawberries are easily stressed out. They can suffer from diseases and pests including aphids, moths, mites, and powdery mildew.

Spinach:Spinach plants are native to central and Western Asia. These plants are members of the family Amaranthaceae. They have a long history. 

Mint:Mint plants are aromatic perennial herbs that spread quickly. In soil, they are great to grow in containers, but in gardens, they can easily take over your yard. 

Lettuce: Lettuce is an annual plant typically grown for salads. They are members of the family Asteraceae. Lettuce has a very long history.

Kale:Kale is a plant known for its curly edible leaves. The leaves can be green or purple depending on the variety.

Jalapeños:Jalapeños are excellent pepper plants that produce medium-sized hot fruit. Interestingly, scientists and historians still don’t know the origins of jalapeños.

Bok Choy:Bok choy is a tasty green vegetable perfect for growing in soil, containers, and hydroponic systems. They are cool-weather plants native to China.

Basil:Basil plants are grown for their scent and delicious leaves. They are used in many dishes. There are also hundreds of basil varieties, including sweet basil, Thai basil, and lemon basil. 

Arugula:Arugula plants can reach about 8 to 29 inches tall. Although most people only eat the leaves of arugula plants, the flowers and seeds are also edible. 

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