Top 10 Best Plants for Bedrooms

Snake Plant: This plant looks great in a floor planter in an awkward corner in your bedroom.

Mint:Mint is one of the most beneficial and overlooked plants for bedrooms. It’s easy to grow, and its fresh aroma helps reduce stress. 

Maidenhair Fern:Maidenhair ferns are a genus of ferns (scientifically known as Adiantum) that thrive in low-light conditions.

Lemongrass:This plant needs plenty of light to thrive and regular watering when the soil becomes dry. 

Lavender:One of the best plants for bedrooms is lavender. While this plant can be high maintenance, the stress-relieving scent and pop of color are worth the effort. 

Hoya:Hoya plants are often called wax plants for their waxy leaves and thick petals.

Grape Ivy:Grape ivy is a stunning addition to a bedroom, especially when paired with fairy lights.

Eucalyptus: This plant requires plenty of sunlight, making it ideal for bedrooms with South-facing windows. Water regularly and repot this fast grower annually.

Creeping Charlie:If the thought of creeping Charlie in your bedroom makes you uncomfortable, you can also call this plant Swedish ivy—though it’s neither ivy nor Swedish. 

Cattleya Orchids: Place this flower out of direct sunlight and water infrequently, letting the soil dry between waterings.

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