Top 10 Best Toys for Your Pitbull

Starmark Everlasting Donut Treat:This treat toy is a challenge for even major chewers. As the name implies, it takes nearly forever for dogs to finish the treat inside the durable outer part.

Squishy Face Studio Flirt Pole:This bungee cord with a fabric lure at the end helps burn off excess energy for dogs who have a high prey drive. 

Nylabone Creative Play Tuug Dog Tug Toy:This grippy, twirly toy has a texture that many dogs will find interesting. It’s meant for fetching, tugging, or just carrying around excitedly. 

Kong Wubba:Available in three sizes, the Kong Wubba is made with durable nylon. It’s a versatile toy that works for fetch and tug.

KONG Cozies Alligator Dog Toy:This adorable alligator plush is extra durable. It has minimal filling so if your pup does it rip it open, the mess won’t be unbearable.

KONG Classic Dog Toy:The classic KONG is a must-have for most breeds of dogs because it’s so versatile.

Jolly Ball:The Jolly Ball is a popular toy for horses as well as dogs. Its extra large size is just right to shove around with a snout or body.

 goDog Dinos:Pitties will love to mouth this super soft toy squeaky toy. It has a chew-resistant lining and tough seams that make it hard for big chewers to rip apart.

Dawg-Hart:The brand Ruff Dog’s toys are made in the U.S.A. and have a lifetime guarantee. They’re perfect for Bullies who destroy toys easily.

 Bullymake Bacon-Flavored Horseshoe:This horseshoe chew toy is perfect for power chewers. If you or your dog isn’t happy with the toy, the company will replace it with something else for free.

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