Top 10 Biggest Spiders Crawling Around the United States

Texas Tan Tarantula:The Texas tan tarantula does not build a typical web like most spiders. Instead, it resides within a silk-lined burrow.

Six-Spotted Fishing Spider :The six-spotted fishing spider is a member of the nursery web spider family, known for its impressive size and distinct markings.

Rose Haired Tarantula:The Chilean rose tarantula, also known as the rose hair tarantula, is a popularly available species of tarantula in pet stores throughout America.

Rio Grande Gold Tarantula:The lifespan of male Rio Grande gold tarantulas is approximately 7 years, whereas females can live an impressive 22 to 40 years.

Oklahoma Brown Tarantula:The Oklahoma brown tarantula is known by a few names, including the Missouri tarantula and the Texas brown tarantula.

Johnny Cash Tarantula:The large Johnny Cash tarantula, belonging to the Aphonopelma genus, is one of the largest spider species found in the United States. This giant tarantula can reach up to 6 inches in length. 

Golden Orb Weaver:These spiders belong to the genus of araneomorph spiders renowned for their intricate webs. Spiders in this genus exhibit a range of colors, from reddish to greenish-yellow.

Giant House Spider:The giant house spider is a swift invertebrate that can travel up to 1.5 feet per second. This is quite a big spider, with males measuring up to 2.9 inches in length. 

Dark Fishing Spider:The dark fishing spider is a notable arachnid due to its size, often causing alarm among those who encounter it.

Arizona Blonde Tarantula :This spider species, measuring between 3 to 4 inches, is commonly spotted in the southwestern deserts during the summer rainy season.

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