Top 10 Breathtaking Mountains in France

Puy de Sancy:The north slope and the west slope have excellent skiing so there are ski resorts on those sides of the mountain that are very popular in the winter.

Mourre Negre:Mourre Negre is small in elevation compared to some of the towering mountains in the French Alps.

Monte Cinto:Monte Corsica is the highest point in Corsica. It’s a difficult climb. If you’re a beginner hiker this is not for you.

Montagne Sainte Victoire: That’s because legendary painters like Cezanne, Picasso, and Kandinsky were inspired by this particular mountain in France. 

Mont Ventoux:Mont Ventoux is often called “The Beast of Provence” because it’s a long, hard slog to the top.

Mont Blanc:Mont Blanc means “white bone” and it was named that because of the permanent snow cap that it is.

Hohneck:The Hohneck is located in the Vosges mountain range that runs near the German Dark Forest area. 

Cirque de Gavarnie:The Cirque de Gavarnie is one of the most unique mountains in France.

Chamechaude: Chamechaude is one of the tallest mountains in France. It’s located in the French Alps and it’s exactly the kind of mountain that people picture when they think of the Alps.

Aiguille Verte: Aiguille Verte is often called the prettiest mountain in the entire Alps. 

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