Top 10 Breathtaking Mountains In Virginia

Whitetop Mountain:Whitetop Mountain is one of the traditional Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.

Roanoke Mountain:Roanoke Mountain is famous for being one of the easiest mountains in Virginia to hike.

Reddish Knob: Reddish Knob is one of the peaks on the Shenandoah Mountain ridge that lies along the border between Virginia and West Virginia. 

Old Rag Mountain:Hiking on Old Rag Mountain in the stunning Shenandoah National Park is something that many hikers have as a goal. 

Mount Rogers:Mount Rogers is the tallest mountain in Virginia. Even though it’s a popular spot for hiking it’s not a tourist-friendly destination.

Mary’s Rock: Mary’s Rock has spectacular views of the Shenandoah Valley and is a very popular hiking spot for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts as well as hikers.

Hawksbill Mountain:Another stunning view can be seen from the summit of Hawksbill Mountain. This mountain sits on the border of North Carolina and Virginia.

Haw Orchard Mountain:Visitors who want an easier route can head to the Grayson Highlands State Park Visitor’s Center where there is plenty of parking as well as other conveniences.

Bluff Mountain:The Fire Service used to maintain a fire tower at the summit of Bluff Mountain and part of that structure and the steps to get to it are still there.

Balsam Beartown Mountain:Like many of the mountains in Jefferson National Forest the hiking on Balsam Beartown can involve a bit of rock scrambling.

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