Top 10 Cheapest Countries in Asia

Vietnam:Vietnam is loaded with natural sights, historical landmarks, fascinating museums, and interesting cities.

Thailand:If you’re heading to Thailand, the chances are high that the most expensive part will be the plane ticket. Once you arrive, you can expect accommodations for anywhere between $8 and $25 a night.

Sri Lanka:Sri Lanka is a small island off the south coast of India. Accommodations here are a bit more expensive than in the other countries, with rooms varying between $50-150 per night.

Nepal:Nepal is one of the cheapest countries in Asia but boasts some of the most incredible journeys for folks looking to make some serious memories.

Mongolia:Another fascinating country in Asia to visit if you’re exploring on a budget is Mongolia. Much of the travel in Mongolia is to the country’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. 

Malaysia:Malaysia is another beautiful spot for travelers on a budget. Accommodations vary considerably based on location, but in most areas, you can find a quality hotel room for under $30 a night. 

Laos:Folks on a budget who are considering a natural vacation should check out the beautiful country of Laos. Laos is one of the cheapest countries in Asia for travelers. 

Indonesia:This country is an oasis full of beautiful history, culture, and, of course, nature. Accommodation costs in Indonesia vary. 

India: While India is one of the most beautiful and fascinating countries on Earth, it’s still affordable to visit. 

Cambodia: Food is also cheap in Cambodia, with cheaper meals being around $4 and more expensive spots being around $30. You can also snag a pint of beer for only a buck in Cambodia!

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