Top 10 Coldest Rivers in England

 River Wye, Derbyshire:The Wye is famous for its diverse aquatic life. It supports huge populations of brown trout and grayling, which indicate high water quality of the river.

River Wear, County Durham:The river’s scenic surroundings also have opportunities for hiking and wildlife spotting, making it a serene escape for nature lovers.

River Ure, Yorkshire Dales:The river also has scenic landscapes that provide opportunities for hiking and exploring the Yorkshire Dales National Park.

River Tyne, Northumberland:The Tyne is a significant river for salmon and sea trout runs, which makes it ecologically important. Additionally, it also provides a habitat for various other aquatic species.

River Teme, Worcestershire:Anglers are drawn to the River Teme because of its diverse fish populations. It is a favorite spot for fishing enthusiasts who are looking to catch barbel, chub, and trout.

River Tees, County Durham:The River Tees in County Durham maintains its cold waters and has temperatures typically between 5°C and 11°C (41°F to 52°F).

River Swale, North Yorkshire: The Swale is a sanctuary for a variety of aquatic life. It is home to salmon, brown trout, grayling, and the critically endangered freshwater pearl mussel. 

River Eden, Cumbria:This cold river is not only a testament to the region’s natural beauty but is also a critical habitat for various aquatic species. 

River Dove, Derbyshire: The River Dove is a true haven for fly fishing enthusiasts, who come to test their skills against the challenging currents as well as the elusive trout.

River Derwent, Cumbria:The Derwent is more than just a frigid river; it is home to significant salmon and sea trout runs, which suggest fresh waters. 

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