Top 10 Coolest Animals in the World

 Pacu Fish: The pacu fish can get up to 42 inches long and can weigh as much as 97 pounds! They also have a long lifespan, reaching 20 years old in the wild and 30 years old in captivity. 

 Slow Loris:The slow loris has two tongues. The jagged tongue is for cleaning teeth. The long tongue is for sucking nectar out of flowers.

Okapi:Among the okapi’s predators are leopards and humans. The okapi has a cool natural defense. Their large ears can detect the slightest disturbance in the environment, warning them of danger. 

Maned Wolf:This lanky critter is more dog than anything and has no relation to either fox or wolf. It calls home the grasslands of central-west, south, and southeastern Brazil. 

Japanese Spider Crab:This crustacean makes the list for its incredibly cool legs. This spider crab, from claw to claw, has been sighted in sizes of up to 18 feet!

Fossa:Found in the forest habitats of Madagascar, the fossa has the physical characteristics of a cat with the strong tail of a monkey.

Blue Dragon:The blue dragon, or Glaucus atlanticus, floats upside down in the water, using its blue side to blend in unseen. If you spy it, you see what looks like a small dragon. 

Blobfish:The blobfish has been described as the ugliest fish on Earth, but we don’t think they are ugly, we think they are impressive!

Axolotl:The axolotl could be a Pokémon or even the new character in a Pixar hit. Spotted in lakes around Mexico, this member of the salamander family is amphibious but strictly lives its adult life in the water. 

Angora Rabbit:Angora is as much as seven times comfier and warmer than sheep wool. Unfortunately, that’s a challenge for owners who have to manage high temps around angora rabbits.

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