Top 10 Countries That Grow the Most Bananas

United Republic of Tanzania — 3,588,510 Tons: Tanzania has numerous attractions, but for bananas, is the ninth largest banana producing country in the world.

Philippines — 5,942,215 Tons :The Philippines’ nearly six-million tons of bananas produced annually puts them squarely in the number six spot for banana production.

Indonesia — 8,741,146 Tons: Indonesia’s place as the third largest banana producer in the world is relatively secure. Their banana producing regions include Sumatra, Java, and Kalimantan.

India — 33,062,000 Tons:Banana “trees” aren’t trees at all, but giant herbaceous plants. They grow best in volcanic and alluvial soils, which India has in abundance.

Guatemala — 4,272,644 Tons:And we head back over to Central America for the eighth largest banana-producing country — Guatemala. 

Ecuador — 7,012,244 Tons :Ecuador is the fifth-largest banana producing country in the world. However, it is also known for something else: The Panama hat.

Costa Rica — 2,556,767 Tons:Costa Rica, home to great coffee, La Fortuna Waterfall, five active volcanoes, and over 100 dormant volcanoes is also the tenth largest banana producer in the world. 

China — 11,724,200 Tons:Perhaps not surprising, given China’s size and many areas with appropriate banana growing regions, but China is the second-largest banana producer in the world.

Brazil — 6,811,374 Tons:Home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Brazil is also a big banana producer, number four on the list, to be exact. 

Angola — 4,345,799 Tons:The seventh largest country in Africa also happens to be the seventh largest banana producer in the world. 

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