Top 10 Countries That May Be Too Hot for People by 2050

United Arab Emirates:Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, the United Arab Emirates is one of the wealthiest countries in the world on a per capita basis.

Saudi Arabia:Saudi Arabia has some of the world’s largest petroleum reserves but is not banking on the oil lasting forever. 

Qatar:A small Persian Gulf country, Qatar has become increasingly interested in the issue of climate change.

Niger: Half the country’s people live in extreme poverty, made worse by civil conflict and natural disasters such as drought, flooding, and locust plagues.

Mali:Mali is a large country in Northwest Africa. It is served by two rivers, the Niger and the Senegal.

Kuwait:Kuwait suffered a great deal of environmental damage in 1990-91 in the first Persian Gulf War.

Iran:As a result of climate change, Iran is experiencing lower levels of precipitation and the hottest temperature ever recorded in Asia. 

China:China is the world’s largest emitter of carbon dioxide, mainly because of its heavy use of coal. China is feeling the effects of its economic strategy. 

Chad:Chad is a Central African country forecast to become much drier and hotter in the coming decades.

Bahrain:Bahrain, an island country in the Persian Gulf, has a hot, arid climate. It has reached record high temperatures of 117 °F (47.4 °C). 

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