Top 10 Countries With the Most National Parks

United States:The United States has 62 national parks from the east side to the Pacific Ocean.

 Thailand:Thailand comes in with 147 national parks. Amazingly, there are a plethora of options if you are in this country when it comes to exploring.

Russia: Russia is 10th on this list with 48 national parks. Amazingly, there are many national parks located throughout the country, including the Katun Nature Reserve, which is a strict nature reserve.

Mexico:Mexico is a country with 67 national parks. Therefore, there are plenty of options if you are exploring the country and everything it has to offer. 

Israel:Israel lands fifth on this list, with 69 national parks to see. The Ein Gedi Nature Reserve is one of the best places to visit when looking for a national park in Israel. 

Indonesia:The next country on our list is Indonesia. When you go to Indonesia, you will find many national parks with scenic views and a peaceful environment.

India:India has an astonishing 116 national parks to explore. However, there are always precautions to take if exploring some of these, as tigers often roam around. 

Colombia:Colombia is a country with so much wildlife, along with 60 national parks. Significantly, Tayrona National Park is a good park to visit among the 60 choices across the country.

Brazil:Many people think about the Amazon Rainforest when thinking about places to explore in Brazil. Yet, the country also has 72 national parks to explore.

Australia:Australia is that country, with an unbelievable 685 national parks. Somehow, the land down under has 10 times the amount of national parks as the United States. 

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