Top 10 Countries With the Tallest Average Height

Ukraine:This Eastern European powerhouse is the world’s ninth-tallest country. In Ukraine, the men tend to be 180.98 cm high, while the women are about 166.62 cm.

Netherlands:The Netherlands is the world’s tallest country on average, producing a towering crop of individuals that average 183.78 cm for men and 170.36 cm for women — that’s about 6 ft and 5’7 ft, respectively.

Montenegro:Montenegro is the world’s second-tallest nation, with men averaging about 183.30 cm and women 169.96. 

Lithuania:Lithuania bops in at number 12 just to say hello. This northern European country has men that average at about 180.72 cm tall, and women that average at about 167.63 cm.

Latvia:Latvia is a very tall country as well, with men averaging about 181.17 cm, and women about 167.96 cm. 

Iceland:Iceland has a unique language, culture, and geography. These unique characteristics have made it a popular destination for international tourists. 

Denmark:The Kingdom of Denmark is the world’s 5th-tallest country, with men averaging about 181.89 cm and women averaging about 169.47 cm.

Czech Republic:The Czechs zoom in at number six on the list. In this country, the men average about 181.19 cm, and the women average about 169.47 cm.

Croatia:Neighbors with Bosnia and Montenegro, Croatia is a beautiful Mediterranean country that’s chock full of history, wine, and culture.

Bosnia and Herzegovina:Bosnia and Herzegovina, or Bosnia as it is more succinctly known, is also a very tall country. The men of this country average about 182.47 cm, while the women are 167.47 cm.

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