Top 10 Deadliest Animals in Canada

Polar Bear:They’re enormous and easily the most aggressive of all the bear species in the world. If not for the accidents we cover below, they would be our number one choice as the deadliest animals in Canada.

Portuguese Man O’ War:According to Canadian authorities, the Portuguese Man O’ War is the most venomous animal in Canadian waters.

Orca: Orcas are some of the most fiercely intelligent marine mammals with generational learning and behavioral capabilities only eclipsed by that of humans.

Moose:Moose are the deadliest animals in Canada because drivers hit them in their cars. As you would expect, this is detrimental for both the moose and those inside the car. 

Grizzly Bear:The grizzly is the most notorious of all the bears, though black bears hold their own in that regard. 

Gray Wolf:Wolves will attack if provoked, sense an opportunity, or have a history of violence with people. Fortunately, these things are rare.

Coyote:Coyotes are incredibly skittish, however, when they are starving or whipped into a frenzy, they quickly become some of the deadliest animals in Canada.

Cougar:A cougar usually goes for the throat, whether the prey is a wayward duck or an unobservant human who never saw it coming.

Black Widow:The black widow skulks in the dark corners and recesses of southern homes within Canada.

Black Bear:It’s best to make yourself look larger, use bear spray, scream at the top of your lungs, and stare down a black bear. 

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