Top 10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Bears

Tibetan Mastiff:These massive dogs are considered an ancient and potentially basal breed. They have been present in Tibet for thousands of years. 

Samoyed:Samoyed dogs are often compared to polar bears because of their white coats and furry look. Their cute ears also give them a bear-like appearance.

Russian Bear Dog:The Russian bear dog is more commonly known as the Caucasian shepherd dog. In this case, the term Caucasian actually refers to the caucus mountains.

Pomeranian:Pomeranians are famous for looking like little teddy bears with their puffy coats, cute ears, and adorable faces. With the right haircut, a pom can look just like a stuffed toy. 

Newfoundland:Newfoundlands, or Newfies, as they are sometimes called, are large furry dogs with flopping ears and a lovable bear-like appearance. 

Leonberger:This dog breed is another gentle giant with a bear-like face. The breed was created for European royalty by combining Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, and other working dogs. 

Great Pyrenees:the Great Pyrenees likely has a long history. Bones similar to this breed have been found in the region dating back to 1800 BCE. 

Eurasier:Eurasiers are a dog in the spitz family with friendly, bear-like faces, triangular ears, and pointed snouts. The dog was bred to be a family-friendly pup that resembled a wolf.

Chow Chow:They were originally used to help with hunting and as guard dogs. They were a favorite of Chinese royalty, with one Chinese emperor having 2,500 pairs of the dogs.

Akita:Akita are another dog breed with a teddy bear face. They have pointed ears resembling bears as well as a pointed snout. These dogs come from the mountains of Japan. 

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