Top 10 Dog Breeds That Look Like Foxes

Volpino Italiano:This adorable dog also resembles a Pomeranian or a small Samoyed. They are also related to the German spitz, as are many of these fox-like dogs. 

Shiba Inu:This is an ancient breed of dog that also originates in Japan. There is evidence of shiba inus in Japan from the Jomon Period, which started in 14,000 BCE.

Schipperke:The Schipperke dog breed comes from Belgium, where its name means little boatman, and little captain. It is also very similar to the word meaning little shepherd in Flemish. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi:The Pembroke Welsh corgi was popularized by Queen Elizabeth II in the UK. Her love of the breed brought them to the global stage.

Long Hair Chihuahua:These dogs are small and usually need some training to be able to live peacefully with children and other dogs. 

Jindo:Jindos are notoriously loyal dogs. In Korea, one Jindo dog from the island had been sold to someone off the island 170 miles away. 

Japanese Spitz:The Japanese spitz is actually a fairly recent breed. It was created in the 1920s and 1930s by breeding white German spitz dogs with other smaller white spitz breeds. 

Iceland Sheepdog:The Icelandic sheepdog, also called Íslenskur Fjárhundur in its native country, is the ancestor of dogs brought by Viking settlers all the way back in the 900s!

Finnish Spitz:The Finnish spitz is another mountain-based dog breed with foxy triangular ears and a general fox-like shape. These lovely dogs are quite barky and are known as bark pointers. 

Akita Inu:There are actually two versions of this breed. One is strictly Japanese and is sometimes called Akita-ken. 

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