Top 10 Exotic Animals You Can Own in New Jersey

Sugar Gliders:Sugar gliders are tiny flying squirrel-like animals that are excellent climbers and love to cuddle. In fact, sugar gliders experience separation anxiety when alone for too long.

Skunks:Skunks love to dig and scratch. They need plenty of stimulation or else they will damage tables, couches, beds, and other furniture.

Red and Flying Squirrels:They are small, eat mostly nuts, berries, and seeds, and seem harmless from a distance while watching them race through yards.

Raccoons:Raccoons are an immensely popular animal to own in N.J. because they are found in almost every backyard.

Ostriches:Ostriches primarily eat plants but will consume insects, snakes, lizards, and rodents if given the chance.

Opossums:Opossums are not domesticated and are difficult to handle as pets. They need a lot of space to climb and explore and do not perform well in cages or confined spaces.

Kinkajou:Kinkajous are small, monkey-like creatures related to raccoons. They live in trees and love socializing with their families.

Hedgehogs:Hedgehogs are adorable little rodents with pointy noses and tiny spines across their body.

Ferrets:Ferrets are tiny weasel animals who are notorious for stealing objects and hiding them in dens throughout the house.

Coatimundis:Coatis are cousins to raccoons, which is easily seen in their long-ringed tails and masked faces. 

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