Top 10 Fastest Birds in Canada

Red-Tailed Hawk:These hawks measure between 18 and 25 inches and flaunt a wingspan of about four feet. They mostly hunt rodents, reptiles, rabbits, squirrels, and even other birds. 

Red-Breasted Merganser:The red-breasted merganser is recognized for its messy crest at the back of its head and its elongated, reddish-orange beak that has tooth-like edges. 

Peregrine Falcon:Standing at around 1.5 feet, the peregrine falcon extends its wings to a breadth of 3.5 feet. These falcons inhabit all continents, with the exception of Antarctica.

Mallard :The mallard is a big and somewhat bulky duck. Its structure is elongated with a similarly long, broad beak.

Gyrfalcon:Gyrfalcons are sizable birds, displaying three distinctive feather color patterns: gray, black, and white. 

Golden Eagle:The golden eagle boasts dark brown feathers with white sections at the tail base and golden-colored feathers gracing the back of its head.

Common Eider:This bird is the largest duck in Canada, with an average length ranging from 20 to 28 inches. Generally, the males are slightly bigger than the females.

Canvasback:The males are easily recognizable with their red-brown head and neck, contrasted with a bright, almost white body framed with black elements. 

Canada Goose: the Canada goose usually maintains a speed of around 40 miles per hour when migrating, but this can surge to 70 miles per hour if they find themselves aided by a tailwind.

Bald Eagle :The bald eagle can achieve speeds of up to 100 mph, especially when it is swooping down to catch its prey.

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