Top 10 Fastest Birds in the U.S.

Red-Tailed Hawk:The red-tailed hawk is the most common and widespread large hawk species in North America. These hawks are typically rich brown on their upper bodies and pale on their undersides. 

Red-Breasted Merganser :Red-breasted mergansers exhibit a distinct appearance, featuring a cinnamon-colored chest, a white neck band, and a fuzzy green head during the breeding season.

Peregrine Falcon:These falcons possess a large keel, allowing more muscle attachment and generating more flapping power. 

Gyrfalcon:Gyrfalcons, the world’s largest falcons, have pointed wings, although not as narrow or pointed as those of smaller falcons.

Golden Eagle :Golden eagles display impressive diving speed when pursuing prey and can reach extraordinary speeds of up to 200 mph.

Ferruginous Hawk:The ferruginous hawk is among the largest hawks in the world and has a unique appearance. With its rich rusty shoulders and legs, gleaming white underparts. 

Eurasian Hobby :The Eurasian hobby is a slender and small falcon. It is characterized by slate-gray feathers on its upper body, two short black moustachial stripes, and a dark crown.

Common Eider:The common eider is a remarkable sea duck, easily identifiable by its striking appearance. Breeding males have white and black feathers, a black cap, a pale green nape, and a green to yellow-orange bill.

Canvasback :The largest diving duck in North America, the canvasback, is just ahead of the common eider when it comes to speed.

Bald Eagle :Bald eagles do not need an introduction. They are one of the most famous birds in North America. Fully-grown bald eagles feature dark brown bodies and wings, accompanied by white heads and tails.

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