Top 10 Fastest Sharks Found in U.S. Waters

Tiger Shark:They can swim up to 20 miles mph when chasing prey. Even as the slowest swimmer on this list, this shark is still 10 times faster than the average human swimmer. 

Thresher Shark:They’re famous for their long rear fins, and they can be massive, with some reaching lengths of over 20 feet. The longest thresher shark ever found was 32 feet! 

Spinner Shark:The spinner shark is a smaller variety that only grows to about 6 feet and weighs just over 120 pounds. 

Shortfin Mako Shark:the shortfin mako can swim at least 45 mph in bursts. This is one scary shark that grows up to 12 feet in length and can weigh a whopping 1,200 pounds. 

Salmon Shark:The salmon shark can be identified by its dusty gray skin on top and paler color below. It also has unmistakable white markings. They typically grow to 10+ feet long, and they can weigh 600+ pounds.

Nurse Shark:Also clocking it at a max speed of 25 mph is the unique nurse shark. This species spends most of its time at the bottom of the ocean. 

Hammerhead Shark:Hammerhead sharks are quite large, with some reaching lengths of close to 20 feet. As with all other sharks, they don’t hunt humans, so you don’t have to worry.

Great White Shark:Numerous great white sharks are spotted in U.S. waters, including off the coastline of Oahu and North Carolina. In addition to their incredible speed, great white sharks also have 300 razor-sharp teeth.

Bull Shark:Bull sharks are found in coastal waters around the U.S. and other parts of the world. They have even been found in the Mississippi River.

Blue Shark:The next of the fastest sharks found in U.S. waters is the incredible blue shark. They can dart through the ocean at up to 43 mph. 

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