Top 10 Fastest Spiders in the World

 Triangle Weaver Spider — 1692 Mph:The triangle weaver is an orb-weaving spider that can travel at speeds of approximately 1,692 miles per hour.

Slingshot Spider — 540 Mph:The slingshot spider is a member of the Theridiosomatidae family of arachnids. These ray spiders fall into one of seven species.

Moroccan Flic-Flac Spider — 3.60 Mph:The Moroccan flic-flac spider (Cebrennus rechenbergi) is unique in its ability to propel itself using a somersault motion. 

Jumping Spider — 0.91 Mph:Jumping spiders are members of the Salticidae family of arachnids. These social media darlings are considered cute by some thanks to their colorful markings, round eyes, and fluffy little bodies. 

 Huntsman Spider — 2.23 Mph:Huntsman spiders are aptly named. Also called giant crab spiders, these arachnids are efficient in locating and catching prey.

Hobo Spider — 2.23 Mph:The hobo spider (Tegenaria agrestis) can reach running speeds of up to 2.23 miles per hour, or around one meter per second.

Grass Spider — Mph Unknown:Grass spiders live in North America, including in Mexico and the United States. However, you can also find them in Russia and Ukraine. 

Giant House Spider — 1.15 Mph:The giant house spider (Eratigena atrica) is a close relative of the house spider. The main difference between the two is size, as the giant variety can have a leg span of nearly three inches.

Flattie Spider — 3,000 degrees per second:Flattie spiders are found on most continents, although they favor subtropical and tropical regions.

Camel Spider — 10 Mph:The camel spider, or the Solifugae order, lands on our list for its top running speed of 10 miles per hour. There are more than 1,000 species of camel spider.

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