Top 10 Friendliest Cats

Sphynx:If you’re looking for a cat that gets along with children and other pets, the Sphynx is a top choice. 

Siamese:The Siamese is appealing at first glance because of its exotic appearance, with its pointed coloring, slender, graceful body, wedge-shaped head, and striking blue eyes. 

Ragdoll:So-called because it goes limp like a ragdoll when you hold or carry it, the Ragdoll is not only gorgeous-looking, but its tendency to turn floppy means it easily trusts you.

Persian:One of the most docile cat breeds, the Persian is beautiful, sporting a flattened face, a long, fluffy coat, and a plumed tail.

Ocicat:A laid-back yet active and outgoing personality makes it devoted but friendly enough to get along with other people, kids, strangers, dogs, and other pets.

Maine Coon:One of the most famous Maine Coons on social media, Cinnabon was an abandoned orange-colored cat that lived in the woods behind Lex’s house.

 Cornish Rex:Also known as the Corn Rex, the Cornish Rex has no fur, only the fine down or undercoat, which is curly.

Burmese:The Burmese loves attention and will often watch you to make sure you are observing its antics. 

Birman:The Birman is a color-pointed, long-haired cat with white “gloves” on each paw and deep blue eyes. 

Abyssinian:The Abyssinian has a very important-sounding name, and in fact, it’s one of the most ancient cat breeds and one of the five most popular in the world. 

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