Top 10 Hottest Countries on Earth

Tuvalu:These small coral islands are scattered in a chain and feature a tropical climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. 83.21℉ is the average annual temperature.

Senegal:Senegal’s average annual temperature is 83.57℉, with temps regularly rising over 100. The hot season lasts four months, running from mid-July to mid-November. 

Qatar:It has a desert climate with long, intense summers and mild winters. Qatar has an average annual temperature of 82.44℉ and regularly sees days over 120.

Palau: Palau has a tropical climate with an average annual temperature of 82.47℉. This island nation has warm temperatures year-round, staying within the 80s most of the year.

Mauritania:Mauritania has a desert climate with dry, hot, and windy conditions. Its average annual temperature is 83.01℉ and features temperatures regularly over 100 during the summer.   

Mali: Mali has an average annual temperature of 83.89℉, but it can see temps as high as 122℉ in July and August.

Gambia:Gambia has a tropical savanna climate with a long dry season and a short wet season, and its average annual temperature is 82.35℉.

Djibouti: Djibouti has an average annual temperature of 83.08℉, with temperatures ranging between 74 and 106 throughout the year.

Burkina Faso:Burkina Faso can get as hot as 118℉ and well over 100, even in the shade. This region sits on an extensive plateau featuring grassy savannas and sparse forests. 

Bahrain:The average annual temperature is 82.81℉, and the country regularly sees 100-degree days.

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