Top 10 Houseplants That Are Nearly Impossible to Kill

ZZ Plant:The scientific name for ZZ plant is a doozy; Zamioculcas zamiifolia. No wonder most people prefer to call it a ZZ plant, zuzu plant, eternity plant, or emerald palm. 

Spider:Spider plants have thick, fleshy roots that hold water, so they prefer to be allowed to dry out before watering. Too much water will rot the roots.

Snake:Snake plant is another hard-to-kill member of our list because it needs infrequent watering and is adaptable to many light conditions.

Pothos:Pothos tops the list as one of the hardest plants to kill because it thrives on neglect. It will adapt to almost any light condition and can be grown in ordinary potting soil.

Ponytail Palm:The ponytail palm has a lot of outstanding characteristics. For one thing, it can grow to between four and eight feet tall indoors!

Peace Lily:Peace lilies have deep green leaves and tall flowers that grow from the middle of the plant like flags. They grow to a maximum height of four feet indoors.

Flamingo Flower:The scientific name for this plant is anthurium. People call it flamingo flower, flamingo lily, or painter’s palette. It is famous for its continuous indoor bloom!

Dragon Tree:Dragon tree has a thick trunk and a tree-like appearance, with tufts of glossy arching leaves that are deep green with red margins. 

Chinese Evergreen:The scientific name for this plant is Aglaonema. People commonly call them Chinese evergreen plant, golden evergreen, and poison dart plant. 

Aloe:The scientific name for this plant is Aloe barbadensis. It is called aloe, burn plant, or burn aloe. The Aloe plant is another hard-to-kill houseplant.

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