Top 10 Illegal Pets to Own in England

Small Asian Mongoose:The creature is weasel-like in its physique, featuring a slim body and short limbs. A tail that forms nearly 40% of its body length adds to its unique look.

Pumpkinseed :This vibrant fish features an orange underbelly, black ear covers framed with eye-catching red or orange edges, and a slightly split tail fin with smooth edges.

Pit Bull Terrier :The pit bull’s ears are either small or medium and sit high on the head; they may or may not be clipped. 

Pallas’ Squirrel:These medium-sized squirrels have a length that varies between 6.3 and 11 inches.

Japanese Tosa:This dog has a large black nose that matches the size of its muzzle. It possesses strong jaws with big teeth that meet in a scissors-like bite. 

Indian House Crow:It has a glossy black color on its head and upper chest, while the neck and lower chest sport a lighter gray-brown. Its wings, tail, and legs are all black.

Egyptian Goose:With a height range of 25 to 29 inches, they’re fairly large birds. Their diet is mostly plant-based but includes small mammals, insects that live in water, and aquatic plants as well.

Coypu:This rodent sports a curved back and a large head that’s almost shaped like a triangle. Its tiny ears and eyes are set high on its head, and it has orange-tinged, wide front teeth.

Common Myna: It belongs to the starling family and is roughly 9 to 10 inches long, making it a bit smaller than a dove.

American Bullfrog:These large frogs display a variety of green colors and can have spots on their limbs and back. Their underbellies are generally white and may also have some spotting. 

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