Top 10 Incredible Caracal Facts

1 : In ancient Egypt, caracals escorted the Egyptian god Mafdet and the goddess of war, Pakhet. Gilded statues of caracals protected the tombs of pharaohs .

2 : Caracals typically inhabit arid areas with scarce water sources. These cats can occupy such regions because they have adjusted their ability to absorb sufficient fluids from their prey.

3 :  Caracals are carnivores and need approximately three pounds of raw meat daily. These cats often eat the whole prey, including the flesh, skin, and bones.

4 : Caracals have long stiff hairs between the pads of their feet. This adaptation allows them to walk on the soft sand on the outskirts of the Saharan and Arabian deserts. 

5 : Cursorial animals have adapted the ability to run well and fast for long periods. Caracals can run at speeds of 50 mph. Swiftness and their special foot pads make the caracal an exceptional runner.

6 : Caracals have unique ears comprising 20 muscles for superior control. These animals can turn their ears in various directions to identify sounds and distances.

7 : The caracal is likely to be the origin of the term. Humans trained caracals to help them hunt in ancient India and Iran. 

8 : These jackals are at the highest end of the prey spectrum, so finding evidence was rare. Besides, this study also proved that most caracal prey animals were small.

9 : Scientists sprayed rocks with various scents such as Lentheric’s, I Love Vanilla, Junique, and Dolce & Gabbana’s, The One. 

10 : A 1997 study on fecal samples of captive caracal and other cats tested positive for salmonella. These cats were all housed separately and fed horsemeat and chicken. 

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