Top 10 Incredible Cassowary Facts

1 : Our incredible cassowary facts start with their lifestyle! Cassowaries are usually solitary birds. 

2 : Cassowaries belong to a particular order of birds called Palaeognathae. It’s one of the only living superorders of birds. 

3 : Cassowaries have earned the title as one of the most dangerous birds in the world, and for a good reason too! 

4 : It’s impressive that scientists are even able to uncover any incredible cassowary facts, considering they’re so hard to research.

5 : Cassowaries have some of the weirdest headgear in the animal kingdom! They have a special casque on the top of their head that’s sometimes called a helmet. 

6 : In captivity, a cassowary can live as long as 60 years! However, in the wilderness, it’s unclear how long these birds can last. 

7 : Southern cassowaries lay green eggs! There are three cassowary species: dwarf, northern, and southern cassowary.

8 : Cassowaries are ground-nesting birds. Rather than building a nest, they use a hollow depression on the ground for their eggs.

9 : The youngsters will stay with their father for around 9 to 10 months. After that time, the dad chases the young ones away to live independently.

10 : The fleshy pouches have a bright blue, red, purple, gold, or white color. The color of the wattle helps identify the cassowary subspecies.

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