Top 10 Incredible Cockatoo Facts

1 : Most cockatoo species are beautiful, each with color and feather pattern variations. All are intelligent and cocky.

2 : Cockatoos, along with parrots, are part of the Cacatua bird species. They are cheeky birds who, much like parrots, can learn and repeat words and short phrases of human languages.

3 : How do they speak and mimic sounds without vocal cords? These birds don’t mimic sounds using vocal cords because they have none. 

4 : Cockatoos are fun pets because they are extroverts. They love making noise, and they love attention. And even if they get a little grumpy and snappy sometimes (who doesn’t).

5 : Cockatoos co-parent by taking turns to care for the eggs. Once the eggs hatch, they nurture their young until they are eventually ready to leave the nest.

6 : Cockatoo flocks in the wild tend to live high in the treetops, also sticking close together for safety and social reasons. 

7 : If you get your cockatoo at a very young age and pay special attention to them, they will bond with you as they would with their parents.

8 : the larger birds reaching far beyond 20 inches make better pets only if you can house them outside in large cages. 

9 : Taking care of a cockatoo as a pet can increase its lifespan to 70 years. In contrast, they typically only live for about 30 years in the wild. 

10 : This cockatoo fact is known as dimorphism. However, there are visible differences in appearances between some cockatoo species.

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