Top 10 Incredible Grasshopper Facts

1 : One of the incredible facts you may be surprised to learn is that grasshoppers and locusts are essentially the same.

2 : The grasshopper’s auditory organs are located on the abdomen rather than on the head.

3 :  Most male grasshoppers stridulate, producing music by rubbing their hind legs against their forewings, attracting females. 

4 : Grasshoppers jump using their hind legs like a miniature slingshot. 

5 : They will first use their large hind legs as a booster to propel them into the air, then spread their wings and take off.

6 : Given that they tend to rest at night and are particularly active during the day, grasshoppers are diurnal insects. 

7 : Although a grasshopper eats about half its body weight in plants daily, one lone grasshopper can’t cause huge damage to crops. 

8 : Grasshoppers have served as an important source of food from time immemorial.

9 : Grasshoppers spit brown liquid at predators to defend themselves. 

10 : A few species of grasshoppers eat toxic plants and retain the toxins in their bodies, which they employ as a form of protection.

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