Top 10 incredible mole facts

1 : Moles are small mammals that spend most of their lives underground. They feed primarily on soil-borne insects and earthworms that they encounter while tunneling beneath the surface. 

2 : Moles have been clocked at digging as fast as 15 feet per hour. At regular intervals, moles will stop tunneling to push the loose soil to the top, creating molehills.

3 :  moles are among the few species that can smell in stereo, meaning each nostril smells separately. 

4 : Moles have a bad reputation for eating seeds and roots, even though they are insectivores and don’t normally eat plant matter.

5 : Mole rodents are obligate fossorial mammals, meaning they must live and graze in underground tube systems. 

6 : Daytime and nighttime activity are similar for moles. Although active year-round, moles may reduce their foraging activity during excessive heat or cold periods. 

7 : The mole’s hemoglobin is specially adapted to allow it to function in the low-oxygen, high-carbon dioxide conditions found underground.

8 : Compared to populations of other mammal species, mole densities can vary from one mole per six acres to as many as five moles per acre.

9 : They are small critters that burrow underground nearly all their life, wreaking havoc on residential gardens and lawns in their never-ending search for sustenance.

10 : Worms are paralyzed by poison in mole saliva, allowing the mole to collect and store them as food. 

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