Top 10 Incredible Slug Facts

1 : A slug’s body is around 80 to 90% water. As a result, it is susceptible to desiccation (extreme dryness), which is worsened by the fact that slugs have little or no shells.

2 : Mucus is essential in a slug’s life. Two types of mucus can be found on the feet of the slug. One type is thin, watery, and found from the center of the foot to the edges.

3 : Some would add that even if quite slippery, slugs are very, extremely slow. Their top speed is 0.18 miles per hour (0.3 kilometers per hour). 

4 :  The tentacles are split into pairs. Two are designed for seeing and smelling, and two for tasting and touching.

5 : The largest slug in the US is the banana slug, which can grow up to 1 foot (32 centimeters) long.

6 : Most slugs enjoy fruits, plants, and the like. Some would rather go on a hunt and have acquired a taste for other living organisms. 

7 : No, we aren’t talking about lizards whose tails drop when in danger! Slugs have a similar strategy that they rely on when trying to escape a predator. 

8 : Slugs are hermaphrodite animals. This means that they are equipped with both female and male reproductive organs. As a result, slugs can fertilize their eggs. 

9 : The slug’s body, also known as the foot, is not just a succulent piece of meat targeted by predators. It is a slug’s main method of transportation. 

10 : Slugs are mollusks, as mentioned earlier. Mollusks are invertebrate animals–they don’t have a backbone or vertebral column.

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