Top 10 Incredible Toy Poodle Facts

1 : they are adorable with all their fluff and have the advantage of being a light shedder. So, if you are prone to allergies, one of these dogs might be the perfect pet.

2 : Poodle breeds like this are the smallest type of poodle. They stand no more than 10 inches tall and generally only weigh about 6-10 pounds. 

3 : Toy Poodles aren’t just all fluff! They are incredibly smart, bright dogs. Because of this super intelligence, they are easy to train.

4 : A small Poodle embodies the term “tiny but fierce.” They may be generally sweet and welcoming, but they are highly suspicious of strangers and the unfamiliar. 

5 : They are descendants of the Barbet water dogs, which are still reared today, and which might just explain their big dog attitude!

6 : Many people, especially those in the United States, are familiar with the sight of a short, fluffy Toy tail.

7 : A Toy Poodle costs around $1,894 to $3.500 per puppy. These dogs will cost a pretty penny if you want to get them from a reputable breeder.

8 : Toy poodles can make different sounds and actions to get some attention. Although their communication behavior may not be talking in a conventional sense, they do speak with their owners in various ways.

9 : This unfortunate event led a few poor naïve souls to spend an exorbitant $150 per “poodle.” Huffington revealed that groomed and steroid-fed ferrets are standard practices in Argentina.

10 : Rodney Mclean tells her heartwarming story in a YouTube video. She took the world by storm with a typical fearless Toy Poodle attitude. 

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