Top 10 Largest Cities in Hawaii

Waipahu:The city of Waipahu touts a sweet history as a former sugar plantation region on Oahu. It’s known for its diamond shape and family-friendly attractions.

Urban Honolulu:Urban Honolulu’s population is slightly more than 343,000, with the county inhabiting more than 1 million residents.

Pearl City:Pearl City has a population of nearly 45,000 people, which, like other large Hawaiian cities, comprises a considerable Asian population of 51.4%, with two or more races making up 24.6% of the residents.

Mililani:The population of Mililani is just over 28,000. The Asian population is 47%, and the White population is 13.7%, with 30.3% having two or more races.

 Kaneohe:The population of Kaneohe is more than 37,000 people, with 39.8% Asian residents and 30.8% of locals of two or more races. Up to 7.9% are Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders. 

Kailua:The population of Kailua is just over 40,000 people. It is diverse in gender and age, with 50.2% of the population female and 19.6% over 65.

Kahului:The population of Kahului is more than 28,000. Asian and two or more races dominate the population racial makeup at 55.9% and 19%.

Hilo:The population of Hilo is over 44,000. Unlike other top-10 cities, the largest ethnic population is not Asian but rather two or more races at 38%. 

 Ewa Gentry:The population of Ewa Gentry is just over 25,000 people, of which 48% are Asian. There is also a 14.6% Hispanic population and a 5.6% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islanders.

East Honolulu:East Honolulu’s population is nearly 50 thousand people, comprised of more than 48% Asians and 25% White population.

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