Top 10 Largest Copper Producers  Country

Zambia:Zambia is also one of the countries where the Copper Belt, a mineral-rich region in central Africa, is located. Dozens of copper mines sit along northern Zambia’s border with the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

United States:The United States is a vast country and the nation’s west is a topographical masterpiece. Its mountain ranges are beautiful with snowy peaks and forested slopes.

Russia:The largest copper mine in Russia is called Udokan and it’s located in eastern Siberia. It will start exports in 2023, which will eventually boost Russian copper production substantially. 

Peru:Peru is a mountainous region and has some of the largest mines in the world, the largest being the Cerro Verde Mine.

Mexico:A whopping 81% of all copper production is concentrated in the Mexican state of Sonora. Zacatecas comes in second.

Indonesia:The largest copper mine in the country is the Grasberg Block Cave Mine owned and operated by ​​American mining company Freeport-McMoran and located in Papua, the western half of New Guinea island.

Democratic Republic of Congo:The Democratic Republic of Congo is also number two on the list because it produces the same amount of copper as Peru.

China:China is one of the world’s largest producers of copper, but fascinatingly enough, they are also the world’s largest copper consumer. 

Chile:Chile is the country that produces the most copper and it is also the country with the most copper reserves in the world.

 Australia:Australia has 6% of the world’s copper reserves, landing the second place spot in copper reserves in the world.

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